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Boulder Lifestyle Magazine


May 2018, "Backcountry Quest"


February 2018, "The Dating Game" 


October 2017, "Conquering the Seven Summits with  Hemophelia" (Cheery Creek)


June 2017, "Bikes + Brews" 

                   "Keepin' it Crisp" (Cherry Creek)


May 2017, "Les Femmes" (print)

                    "The Dream Chasers" (Cherry Creek print)


February 2017, “And Art Space” (print)

                           "And Art Space" (Cherry Creek print)


November 2016, “The Local Pilgrimage” (print)


October 2016, “Gravel Grinding” (print)


October 2016, “Olympic Pride” (print)


July 2016, “Mountain Flower Dairy” (print)


June 2016, “Atomic 20” (print)


April 2016, “Studio Be Salon”


April 2016, “Your Cheat Sheet to the ‘The City’”











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